Camouflage Tiles

One game mechanic that seems to confuse new players is camouflage tiles (also called Camo). When camouflage tiles are active they sparkle blue. This means that players outside of the tiles do not have vision inside the tiles.

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Grey can not be seen by the enemy team since the camouflage is active.

When an action is used inside the camouflage tiles or a freelancer inside is hit (from taking damage, having a debuff applied or movement displacing effects), the tiles will become red which means they are no longer active. When this happens, freelancers on these tiles are no longer shielded from vision.

Connected tiles belong to the same camouflage area, the tiles do not act individually. This means when one tile is deactivated, all tiles connected will be deactivated.

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Grey can be seen now since the tiles have deactivated.

It takes one full turn for the tiles to reactivate. For example, if the tiles are deactivated on turn 2, they will remain off for the remainder of the turn and turn 3. They would reactivate at the end of turn 3 (just before turn 4 decision phase starts). The tiles will respawn regardless of the skills used on or movement into the camouflage tiles during turn 3. Knowing when they come back up allows you to end your turn there getting the benefit of camouflage for the next turn.

When a tile set is deactivated both teams can see the tiles turn red regardless if they are close enough for vision. In the following example, the camouflage tile set in the upper left was deactivated by the enemy team and turned red. Now the blue team can see it through fog of war, even though they are too far away to see who is in it. Be careful when deactivating tiles like this as the enemy will know approximately where you are on the map.

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Vision and Camouflage

If freelancers from the opposite team are inside the same camouflage area, they will be able to see other freelancers also inside. As you can see in the following example, Brynn and Nix have vision on each other.

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However, camouflage tiles still follow basic vision rules. So if Brynn and Nix are both in the tiles but on opposite side of the barrier in the middle, they will no longer see each other. Instead, they have a last known position indicator from where they lost vision.

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2017-03-07 03_48_12-Photos

If a freelancer is currently affected by a reveal debuff, they will still be revealed inside the camouflage tiles regardless if they are active.


2017-03-07 03_38_20-Photos
Grey can still see Aurora inside an active camouflage tile.


If a freelancer is outside of the tiles and moves into them, the enemy team will lose vision on the tile the freelancer enters the camouflage area.

In the following example, Grey enters the camouflage area at the tile closest to Rask.

2017-03-06 23_49_01-Photos

Grey finishes her move to the other side of the camouflage area. Since no actions were taken in the camouflage area the tiles are sill active.

2017-03-06 23_49_52-Photos

From Rask’s point of view, he can not see where Grey went. Instead, he has a last known position indicator on the square Grey entered. Knowing how this works, you can use it to deny information about your position to the enemy team.

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Unique Interactions

  • PUP’s Prowl Protocol and Nix’s Stalker Suit skills do not deactivate the camouflage tiles.
  • Phaedra’s basic attack, Seismic Slam, has a mod, Predator, that allows her to deactivate tiles hit by the attack.
  • Receiving a heal inside the tiles will not deactivate them, however, using a heal will (including activating second wind).
  • If you auto-follow a freelancer who enters activated tiles, you will continue to follow them inside.
  • Indirect damage will not deactivate tiles unless a skill is used to activate the damage (For example, Elle firing her Lurker Drone will deactivate a tile set, but when it goes off automatically, it will not).
  • Zuki’s Sticky Bomb will not disable camouflage the turn it is applied unless it is modded with a debuff (such as reveal).
  • Finn’s Electrifying Eels and Helio’s Echo Hammer will not bounce to enemies in camouflage unless they are modded to hit invisible targets.
  • Gery’s Hawk Drone will not hit targets on cast or subsequent turns in camouflage unless modded to hit invisible targets.
  • Dash skills will deactivate tiles if they start in camouflage but will not deactivate the tiles they land it. The exception to this is Blackburn’s Blitz since he attacks separate from the dash during the blast phase.
  • Dash catalysts do not break camouflage regardless if they start or end in the camouflage.
  • Taunting inside of camouflage doesn’t disable it, but does allow players to see your position through the cinematic.