Status Effects – Buffs and Debuffs


Status_Energize EnergizedIncreases energy generation for abilities by 50%.

  • Applies to skills triggered while the energize buff is active.
  • Orion is currently the only freelancer that does not gain any benefit from energize on his base abilities. However, energize will effect the mods Devour Energy, Pain and Gain and Closer to the Conduit.


Status_Haste HasteIncreases movement by 50%.

  • Standard movement is 4 squares with an ability, 8 with a free action or no action (also referred to as a sprint). Haste will allow 6 squares with an ability and 12 squares with a sprint.
  • Haste cancels out slow.


Status_Heal Heal  Heal over time.

  • You will see this on freelancers who are affected by a heal that lasts for multiple turns, such as second wind, health pickups or a friendly Quark tether.


Status_Unstoppable UnstoppableImmune to knockbacks and movement reduction.

  • This will override any negative movement effects on a freelancer, which include slows, roots, knockbacks and pulls.
  • Unstoppable does not provide protection from Phaedra’s ultimate Lair.Freelancers will still be stopped at the wall, even with unstoppable.
  • Unstoppable does not prevent damage applied by movement reducing abilities.


Status_Invisible InvisibleCannot be seen by enemies.

  • Some freelancers have abilities or mods which allow them to become invisible. While invisible, the enemy team will not be able to see the invisible freelancer unless they are affected by a reveal.
  • Certain abilities will not affect invisible enemies unless modded to hit invisible targets. This includes the bounce on Finn’s Electrifying Eels and Helio’s Echo Hammer, a direct hit on the initial cast will still work. Gery’s Hawk Drone will also not hit targets on cast or subsequent turns without a mod.


Status_Might MightIncrease damage by 25%.

  • Damage increase applies to damage done while the buff is active, which may not always be when a skill is used. For example, if Finn casts his Electrifying Eels while having might, they will do extra damage that turn. But if he loses might, they will only do regular damage when they bounce on following turns. In contrast, Zuki could apply Sticky Bombs while not having the might buff but pick it up the next turn so the Sticky Bombs do extra damage on explosion.
  • Might does not affect heals or shields.
  • Weaken will cancel out the effect of might.



Status_Reveal RevealedCannot be seen by enemies.

  • Reveled freelancers will be visible anywhere on the map, even if they are in fog-of-war.
  • Invisible freelancers, including those in camouflage, will still be seen when revealed.


Status_Root RootedRemoves all movement.

  •  If freelancers are rooted, they will not move from their current position. However, knockbacks and pulls can still affect rooted targets.


Status_Scramble ScrambledCan only use primary ability. 

  • The primary ability is the first skill on a freelancer’s ability bar.
  • Catalysts can still be used when scrambled.
  • There are currently only two abilities in the game that can apply scramble. They are PuP’s ultimate ability Subwoof and Juno’s Lockdown with the Stockades mod.


Status_Slow SlowReduces movement by 50%.

  • If a slow is applied during a turn, the freelancer’s movement will immediately be reduced. For example, if a freelancer inputs a move of 4 squares, they will move 2. If they input a move of 10 squares, they will move 5. Some slows will affect a freelancer for multiple turns.
  • Slow cancels out haste.


2017-03-12 01_12_32-Microsoft Edge
PuP’s intended movement.
2017-03-12 01_12_46-Microsoft Edge
PuP’s change in movement after being slowed before movement phase.
2017-03-12 01_10_48-Microsoft Edge
PuP’s final position.


Status_Weak Weak –  Decreases damage by 25%.

  • Weak uses the same mechanic as might; the debuff applies to damage dealt during the turn when the debuff is active.
  • Weak does not affect heals or shields.
  • Might will cancel out the effect of weak.


Extraction Mode Only Status Effects

Status_Carrier CarrierCannot Sprint.

  • While holding the case, a freelancer can only make a standard move of 4 squares, they cannot move 12 squares even if no ability was used that turn.


Status_Butterfingers ButterfingersCannot pick up the briefcase.

  • If a freelancer is carrying the case in extraction mode and drops it, they cannot pick up the case until the debuff is gone.


** Buffs and debuffs that are the same do not stack with each other. However, they can be reapplied or extended. The exception to this is the Heal status effect, different heal-over-time abilities from different sources will stack, such as Second Wind and a heal pickup.