Damage Guide

Direct and Indirect Damage

All damage abilities in the game fall into one of two categories: direct or indirect damage. The type of damage affects how abilities interact with each other so it is important to know which type of damage an ability does. All ability text in the game specifies what type of damage it does.


Direct damage is damage that is dealt directly from a freelancer such as primary attacks. Indirect damage is damage that is dealt through abilities where the damage source is not the freelancer. Abilities that are indirect damage includes traps, time delayed abilities, drones and secondary damage from heals and shields. An example of this would be the damage caused by Dr. Finn’s Bubble Trouble shield.

The type of damage becomes important for certain skills that will only trigger if the freelancer is dealt direct damage.

Asana’s Retribution will only return damage if attacked with a direct damage skill.

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The same applies to Orion’s Quantum Core;, it will only detonate when the marked ally receives direct damage.2017-03-22 23_41_46-Photos

Khita’s healing ability Take Aim! also only heals ally freelancers if they hit the marked target with a direct damage ability.

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How Damage is Calculated

When damage includes a decimal number, the damage is rounded to the nearest whole number. This usually happens when damage is modified by cover, might or weaken.

In the following example, Orion’s base attack Empyreal Ruin with the mod Focused Fire does 27 damage to a single target.

2017-03-26 01_40_37-2017-03-26 01_27_24-Greenshot.png ‎- Photos

If might is applied the attack will deal an additional 25% damage. This adds 6.75 damage to the base attack of 27, doing 33.75 damage. Since damage must be a whole number, it is rounded to 34.

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The same method applies to damage that is weakened. In this example, since Orion is weakened, we need to subtract 6.75 from 27 which is 20.25. In this case, the damage would be rounded down to 20.

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Since cover reduces damage by 50%, damage reduction often ends in .5 before being rounded. In that case, the damage is rounded to the closest even number.

In the following example, Dr. Finn’s attack is reduced by 50% on Aurora since she is behind cover. Half of 21 is 10.5, which rounds down to 10, the closest even number.

2017-03-26 02_05_37-Atlas Reactor.png

Advanced Damage Calculations

Interaction Between Might, Weaken and Cover 

When a freelancer has a might or weaken status effect and does damage that is reduced by cover, the might or weaken is calculated first (including rounding). Then the attack is reduced by cover and rounded again.

In this example, Dr. Finn is attacking for 15 base damage with a might modifier. This adds 3.75 to the attack, which rounds to 19. However, Aurora is in cover which reduces the damage to 9.5, rounded to 10.

2017-03-26 02_16_53-Atlas Reactor.png

From this we know that it rounds twice. If it only rounded once at the end, the attack in cover would be 18.75 divided by 2, which is 9.375.  This would round to 9. However, we see that the attack is rounded to 10, not 9.