Currency and Item Terms


Flux – Earned through completing matches and missions. Used for unlocking mods, freelancers, master skins and flux exclusive items.2017-03-26 17_07_33-New notification

ISO – Obtained from loot matrices. Duplicate items will automatically be converted into ISO. Used for unlocking skins, emoticons, VFX, emblems, backgrounds and taunts.

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Prestige Points – Earned from playing ranked matches. Used to unlock prestige only VFX.2017-03-26 16_45_01-Photos


A customizable image that identifies your account. A banner includes an emblem, background and title. On the game loading screen, a gold border around a freelancer portrait indicates a mastered freelancer (level 20).
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Collection Items

Loot Matrix – Rewarded for earning season levels and freelancer levels. Contains skins, ISO, GG boosts, taunts, banner items and more. Can also be purchased for money. There are many different types of loot matrices.2017-03-26 22_41_35-Greenshot

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GG Boost – Using a GG boost applies a bonus to experience and flux earned for completing matches. One person may use up to 3 GG boosts per match. Using a GG boost provides a bonus to everyone in the match.

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Skin – Allows you to change the appearance of a freelancer.

VFX – Allows you to change the visual effect of an ability.

Taunt – A visual animation that plays in game when an ability is used. If you have a taunt unlocked, the option to taunt will appear once you input the ability.

Overcon – Animated icon that appears over a freelancer while in a game. 2017-03-26 18_15_42-Photos

Chat Emojis – Animated icons that are used in text chat.

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