Damage Guide

Direct and Indirect Damage All damage abilities in the game fall into one of two categories: direct or indirect damage. The type of damage affects how abilities interact with each other so it is important to know which type of damage an ability does. All ability text in the game specifies what type of damage… Continue reading Damage Guide

Dr. Finn

  Heal Focused There are a few different builds I run for Dr. Finn depending on the situation. The heal focused build is a good all-around build meant for maximum team support and survivability. This mod allows Dr. Finn to increase his overall healing. If you manage to get all 4 enemy players with Water… Continue reading Dr. Finn


Movement is one of the basic fundamentals of the game. It may seem simple at first but knowing how movement works means knowing where the enemy freelancers are and how to move for optimal positioning. Basic Movement Every freelancer has a full movement of 8 squares if no abilities are used. Free action abilities allow full movement… Continue reading Movement

How Phases Work

Each turn in Atlas Reactor consists of four main phases. These phases are Prep, Dash, Blast and Move. All abilities in the game can be categorized as a Prep, Dash or Blast ability. Knowing how these phases and their sub-phases work will allow you to maximize your gameplay. Prep phase can be broken down into two sub-phases. They are Defensive… Continue reading How Phases Work

Camouflage Tiles

One game mechanic that seems to confuse new players is camouflage tiles (also called Camo). When camouflage tiles are active they sparkle blue. This means that players outside of the tiles do not have vision inside the tiles. When an action is used inside the camouflage tiles or a freelancer inside is hit (from taking damage,… Continue reading Camouflage Tiles